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Saturday, 25 July 2015

How to trade in stock market with top strategies

In Past days, Indian Market is one in every of the oldest in Asia, its history dates back to about 2000 years gone. In those days, archipelago company was the primary dominant establishment and business in its loans. The BSE (Bombay stock Exchange) is Asia's first stock Exchange established in 1875. In 1887, they formally established in Bombay "the Native share and Stock Broker Association" also Known as the Stock Exchange. Now a days, Indian Stock market is leading one of the most financial Indian corporate sector. On the other hand, NSE(National stock Exchange) was founded in 1992 and started trade in 1994.

A Stock market, Share market or equity market is the exchanges of buyers and sellers I.e traders. It is one of the key areas of market economy because it gives a market to traders where equity or capital securities are traded. For trading the stocks in equity market, stock exchange is the best place. Trade in stock market means transfer for money of security from buyer to seller, it also provides a market place i.e. Virtual or real.Including capital market, Stock market is one of the most different ways for companies to raise money which allow business to be publicly traded as well as to raise the additional financial expansions by selling shares of control of the company in a public market.To Make easy exchanges in Buying and selling we can also use stock Broker who does business with exchange.

In capital market, commodity market and Currency market also plays a vital role. Commodity market is a place that trades initial instead of manufactured products, the goal of commodity trading is to buy and sell high. Two of the major commodities exchanges in India: MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange) and NCDEX(National Commodities and derivative Exchange). Commodities can make investing in Gold, oil or grains an easier prospect. Similarly Currency market is also termed as foreign exchange market(forex or fx) provides institution for traders or investors who are new to foreign currency markets. Its currency prices are based on consideration of supply and demand and cannot be manipulated easily.

Trading top strategies:

Scalping: Scalping is one of the most important strategy involves selling after a trade has been entered and become profitable. It has basically three components:
1. Find the trend
2. Time your Entry
3. Manage Risks

Fading: When the share of the price increases fade trader would sell and when its falling fade trader would buy are known as fading. In fading, Market maker offers the better price and trade at the offered price, either accept the offer or adjust the bid price.

Daily Pivots: Daily Pivots strategy are very popular in forex market they applied to the fx market and can be calculated. This is done by attempting to buy at low of the day(LOD) and sell at high of the day(HOD). Many traders use pivot point so that they can predict daily price movements.